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Last modified at 17/08/2015 13:26 by Dunham, Dean A
UTas Sports Management - Level 3  (BMA114)
You will learn about:
The wide range of sport and recreational businesses constitutes, globally, a multi-billion dollar industry.  In Australia, sport and recreation is a 10 billion dollar business, and according to the ABS data, over 275,000 people are employed in sport and/or recreational organisations.  This subject will examine and explain, the business of sport and recreation by analysing the economic, legal, governance and success models in various sports and recreation organisations.  The primary focus will be on the Australian context, but comparative models from other countries will be contemplated as well.
You do this by studying:
  •  The basic principles of sport management and their practical application to sporting organisations
  •  The future of sport in Australia and around the world
  •  The ‘risky’ aspects of sport management – risk analysis
  • Stadium and facility management
  • Marketing and specifically Neuromarketing and the role of social media in sport
  • Money, player agentry and media rights
  • The cultural, social and community side of sports
  •  MegaEvents – Olympics, World Cups, X-Games
  • The rising level of obesity in the world and our role as sport administrators to do something about this
  • Having access to a plethora of people currently involved in sport management


Learning activities may include:
  • Essay and report writing
  • Group discussions and presentations
  • Interviews, blogs or journals, use of social media
  • Reflection on learning
  • Tests and quizzes, assignments
  • Development of University specific study skills and techniques
  • Case Study, Research Essays and Literature reviews
  • Work throughout the year will create a students’ capstone assessment which will be assessed by your College teacher and UTAS staff.

Note: there is no external examination for this pre-tertiary subject


To enrol in this subject you need:
  • to be in Year 12 or 13 preferably
  • successful completion of English Level 3 in Year 11 is highly recommended
  • to be achieving success in your current  Year 11 Level 3 subjects

This subject:
It is the objective of this course to introduce students to the different managerial and administrative components of the sport industry at local, state, national and international levels.
Ultimately, the aim of this subject is to equip the student with a framework and tools with which to understand, and evaluate, the business side of a wide range of sports and recreation ventures.
This course is offered as part of the University of Tasmania’s University College Program and counts towards both your TCE and ATAR.  Successful completion of this subject may give you the opportunity to gain credit towards a University of Tasmania courseFor more information, please visit the University’s website and discuss your University College Program course options with a course counsellor at your school or college.