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Last modified at 7/08/2015 12:27 by Dunham, Dean A
‚ÄčMusic 3C


  • Class activities and assignments
  • Theory (in class and externally assessed)


Options (Choose One):

  •      Practical Performance Programme (externally assessed)
  •      Negotiated Study (externally assessed)
  •      Compositions (may be externally assessed)


  • Practice 3-6 hours per week
  • Assignments
  • Revision using online materials

Important Points:

  • TASC publishes the end-of-year timetable for the written exam.
  • Dates for Negotiated Study and Composition Folios will be published.
  • Practical exam dates are unknown until late in the year

Students have said:

  • "Develop a homework plan."
  • "Use the music rooms in your free lines to study and practise."
  • "Sing online aural exercises and theory helped me catch up."