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Last modified at 7/08/2015 12:08 by Dunham, Dean A

Media Production – Foundation 2


Content/ Assessment:

  • Creation of professional print/or film products aimed at particular audiences.
  • Develop media technical skills and production processes
  • Explore the world of media and how it impacts on its audiences


  • 1 to 2 hours per week
  • In lead up to exams extending to 2 - 3 hours of preparation (Level 3 only)
  • Extended work time when external
  • Folio is due in the lead up to October (Level 3 only)

Important points:

  • Mid-year exam in July
  • Externally assessed folio (October) 
  • End of year exam in November

Students have said:

  • "Need to develop a sound understanding of the practices utilised in the world of Media."
  • "It's important to develop the highest possible production skills." 
  • "Meet work demands"
  • "Be as creative as possible"