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Last modified at 19/08/2015 11:23 by Dunham, Dean A
 Maths Methods 3C


  • 5 topics: Functions and Graphs, Trigo­nometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus and Probability and Statistics.
  • Assessment is based on class work, homework, assignments, tests, the mid-year exam and the end of year exam.


  • 4 - 5 hours of homework per week is es­sential.
  • Tasks include: reviewing class work, investigations, completing work from class, following up areas of weakness, assignments, and test and exam preparation.


Important Points:

  • A consistent effort throughout the year is required.
  • Students need to seek help from teachers out of class when required.
  •  Tuesday afternoon enrichment time will be used for tutorials and student help.

Students have said:

  • "I found the course quite demanding."
  • "Work consistently throughout the year."
  • "I have spent a lot of time at home on Maths."
  • "I have felt well supported both in and out of class."
  • "Check Schoology and dropbox reg­ularly."