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Last modified at 20/08/2014 11:23 by Rands, Leanne J
Legal Studies 3C

Bronwyn Sidebottom


Written short answer responses, class activities and essays

Group Presentations

Research topics about current legal and political issues

External 3 hour exam


1 1/2 - 2 hours per week
which Increases towards exams

Revision of weekly lessons


Important points:
Note-taking skills are taught for revi­sion

Essay planning and drafts are neces­sary

Recommended readings and text­book chapters should be summarized to enhance depth of knowledge and re­vision

There are opportunities to participate in out of class activities such as; court visits, Youth Parliament, United Nations activities and University extension courses that are credited towards first year university results


Students have said:
Keep your work well organised

You are able to choose the topics you prefer to study for the exam

You need to get into the habit of completing assignments and meeting dead­lines

Listen to the news and read a variety of newspapers and journals

This subject really helped in Introduction to Law at UTAS