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This site is to assist students making the transition from Year 10 to Don College. You will find general information provided by the Department of Education as well as information prepared by Don College staff about the specific offerings at Don.


General information on enrolling for Year 11 in 2017

General transition information can be found at:

Taster Program

Every year Don College hold their Taster Day. This is an opportunity for all grade 10 students to enrol in Don College for one day. 

This is to give students a taste of what college life is like and to learn more about their subject choices.

The Taster Day in 2016 is on Tuesday 6th of September. State school students will be enrolled through their school. Independent school students are also welcome to attend the Taster Day and they should contact the Don College office (64240200) for information and enrolment.

TCE Subjects - Don College

This information about subjects offered at Don College has been prepared by Don College staff. 

The Arts - Performance

            Dance Foundation 2C

            Dance Choreography and Performance 3C
            Drama 2C

            Drama 3C
 Media Production:Foundation 2C
            Media Production 3C
            Music 3C
            Music Performance UTAS Year 11/12
            Music Technology Projects 2C
            UTAS Music Technology Projects
            Studies in Music 2C
            Theatre Performance 3C

The Arts - Visual

            Art Production:Foundation 2C (no specialisation)
            Art Production:Foundation 2C (Graphic Design)
            Art Production:Foundation 2C (Photography)
            Art Production 3C:Art (no specialisation)
            Art Production 3C:Art (Graphic Design)
            Art Production 3C:Art (Photography)
            Art Studio Practice 3C

Catering, Technology and Fashion

            Automotive Workshop Practices 1B
            Advanced Electronics 3C
            Computer Graphics and Design Foundation 2C
            Computer Graphics and Design 3C
            Design and Production 2C (Metals)
            Design and Production 2C (Textiles):Fashion
            Design and Production 2C (Wood)
            Electronics Foundation 2C
            Food and Nutrition 3C
            Food, Cooking and Nutrition 2C
            Food and Hospitality Enterprise TQA 2
            Housing and Design 3C
            UTAS Object Design
            UTAS Object Design (Textiles)
            UTAS Object Design (Wood)


            Essential English:Reading and Writing, using Computers and the Internet
            English Applied 2C
            English as a Second Language 2C
            English as a Second Language 3C
            English Communications 3C
            English Foundations 2C
            English Literature 3
            English Writing 2 (not offered in 2016)
            English Writing 3

Health and Physical Recreation

            Athlete Development Introduction 2C
            Inspire You: Personal Health and Wellbeing
            Health Studies 3C
            Outdoor Education 2C:Adventure Recreation
            Outdoor Leadership 3C
            Personal Health and Wellbeing 2C
            Physical Education Bundle 1C
            Sport Science 3C

            UTAS Sport Management

Information Technology

            Computing 2C Bundle
            Computer Science 2
            Computer Science 3C

Languages (LOTE)

            French 2C
            French 3C
            Japanese 2C
            Japanese 3C

Learning Support


The document below provides an overview of Mathematics offerings at Don College in 2017:


            Work Preparation - Includes Essential Skills Numeracy 2C

          Workplace Mathematics 2C
General Mathematics Foundation 2C
            General Mathematics 3C
            Mathematics Methods Foundation 3C
            Mathematics Methods 4C
            Mathematics Specialised 4C

          UTAS Essential Skills Algebra (For students concurrently studying Mathematics Methods 4)
            UTAS High Achievers Program (For students concurrently studying Mathematics Specialised 4)


            Biology 3C
            Chemistry 4C
            Environmental Science and Society 3C
            Life Science 2C
            Physical Science Foundation 2C
            Physical Science 3C
            Physics 4C

Society and Environment

            Accounting 3C
            Ancient Civilisations 3C
            Asian Studies UTAS
            Australia in Asia and the Pacific 3C
            Business Studies Foundation 2
            Business Studies 3C
            Economics 3C
            Geography 3C
            Introduction to Sociology and Psychology 2C
            Legal Studies 2C
            Legal Studies 3C
            Modern History 3C
            Psychology 3C
            Religion and Philosophy Foundation 2C (not available in 2016)
            Sociology 3C
            Studies of Religion 3C                                                        

            Working with Children 2C

VET Year 11 and 12 VET Certificate Programs


   Vet Qualifications offered at Don College

Mixed Field

   Cert I in Access to Vocational Pathways

Business and ICT

            Certificate I in Retail Services
            Certifcate II in Retail Services

            Certificate II in Business & Certificate II in Tourism

   Cert II in Information, Digital Media and Technology

   Cert III in Information, Digital Media and Technology

Community Services

            Certificate II in Community Services (Aged Care & Disability)
            Certificate II in Community Services (Children's Services)

   Cert III in Early Cildhood Education and Care

Creative Arts

            Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology (Intro)

Health and Wellbeing

            Certificate III in Fitness

Primary Industries and Infrastructure|Primary Industries and Infrastructure

            Certificate II in Animal Studies
            Certificate II in Agriculture (selected units)

Technology and Trades

            Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)
            Certificate I in Automotive
            Certificate II in Construction
            Certificate II in Automotive Vehicle Body (Not offered in 2017)
            Introduction to Certificate I in Engineering (Metal Trades) (Not offered in 2017)

   Cert II in Engineering Pathways

            Cert II in Salon Assisstant

Tourism and Hospitality

            Certificate II in Hospitality
            Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)

   Cert III in Hospitality



















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