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Last modified at 25/07/2016 14:17 by MacDonald, Grant R
Geography 3C
Danielle James
·         Population density & distribution
·         Problems associated with Urbanisation
·         Challenges for Rural & Remote Areas in Australia
·         Anthropogenic Climate Change & Land Cover Change: Exploring the ways in which humans are either directly or indirectly impacting the environment through exploring problems such as climate change, sea level rise, glacier and ice sheet retraction, deforestation, desertification and coral reef loss
·         Globalisation: How our world has become more globalised through enhanced technology and how political, economic, cultural and social influences all play a part in how connected our world has become.
·         A Depth Study (large research project) is to be completed at the end of each unit
·         Fieldwork excursion
·         End of year externally assessed 3 hour written exam
·         Homework assignments
·         Recommended 2 hours a week reviewing content covered in class
·         Time designated to extra research – reading online articles, watching documentaries etc. relating to course topics to gain a deeper and broader view of the world

Students have said:
·         “I feel like have a better appreciation and awareness of other countries and cultures”
·         “I was not aware of some the issues that we are currently facing. It has been quite eye opening.”